Shimmer (1985)

This work was recorded during a live performance (1985) in front of an audience. It was created with custom built hardware and software in “real time” using a single b/w live camera input. 

The props used were retro-reflective sticks and wristbands that were “waved” or “manipulated”. The video is a recording of the live feed that was seen on a video projection on stage next to the performers. 

The music “Hikari” was not performed live. We worked live to the prerecorded track by Maggi Payne. She created it specifically for these performances. 

The silhouettes and wristwork were done by Marci Javril. I worked the sticks, and Richard Green worked the image processor. 

I designed and built the image processor and programmed it in Forth. 

This is the best transfer of the work yet from 3/4″ Umatic videotape. 

Enjoy the silhouettes at the end. They were created by Marci posing while I moved the stick behind her. 

To see an example of what the stage looked like, see: