Recollections 3D

The time is suitable for the next major iteration of this idea. Recollections was created in 1981 when digital frame-buffer technology was just mature enough to allow a hacker to fashion one together using cheap TTL and memory and program a home computer to control it.

After 42 years, technology has sufficiently advanced that expanding the experience into the third dimension is seemingly possible. Over the years, improvements have been made to the inaugural version with higher resolution and expanded color palettes. Still, the programming has stayed true to the original concept of keeping the interaction direct and immediately understandable. The challenge will be to keep the feeling the same in 3D.

Real-time performance capture is on the verge of reality. That, combined with real-time renderers like Unreal Engine, will enable an incredible array of output possibilities that explore human movement in complex yet coherent ways.

The above video illustrates the concept. It was created using motion captures and applying them to avatars in Blender software. Work must be done to manifest this with live-action, but now it seems quite conceivable. I want to collaborate with industry to bring this concept to fruition.

Ed Tannenbaum 11/8/23